Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ones That Speak to Me: Star Wars edition

Ok, so here's where we weed out another demographic sliver of any possible readers by eshewing in the "Star Wars connection" on Sign Here. It is, simply put, my favorite movie ever.
I have had thoughts of creating a second blog dedicated to only Star Wars ephemera, periphera if you will. What caught my eye was the rise of the use of the Star Wars theme in the already-burst bubble of "streetwear/skatewear" and the present brand wars being fought to catch not the average sneaker wearing citizen's eye...but the collectors. Ecco, Nike SB, Supra, The Hundreds, 10 Deep etc. have all dipped into the Star Wars marketing universe to get people to stand in line in the cold to get their hands on this "gear". Most know that this itself is a mere sliver of the larger entity. The autograph that I display here is only one of the many items that fit into the "living market" for Star Wars themed goods that lives like a mile-wide fungus just beneath the common soil.
Do you want to know more? (a la Starship Troopers)
well, It makes no sense to continue here. I will lay a link when the page is ready.

This card was a dream-come-true to me when I found it in a binder of non-sports autos at a card shop i used to frequent. Not only did I know who Biggs Darklighter was (Luke's good buddy back on Tatooine), but I could have the first non-sports or music autograph in my collection. It had to be this one. It is exquisitely pleasing to me, despite the sticker. The guy with more beard than teeth got my money again at the "local card shop" I say local because it was relatively convenient if I wanted fresh wax when I had the money to buy it. I would pay about 10-15 bucks more on a hobby box than I would have on eBay, and about that much more than my two favorite online retailers, Dave and Adam's Card World ( and Blowout cards ( I am a creature of habit and was also once burdened by the monkey of instant gratification. I got a couple of Donruss "hot boxes" and three red refractor RC AUTOs among other conquests, but spent alot of money there. Wish I had some of it back, but the story of cards I have won and lost and why I do not have money for hobby wax anymore are both stories for posts with a few less words.
That being said, If you teach in a public school, may the force be with you.

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