Monday, May 10, 2010

I am Very Interested in Your Opinion: Rickie Weeks

Now, I have been watching this guy for years now. I saw him hit his first homerun in a game back in 05 and I have always been pretty impressed with the way he approached the game. Some uncommon injuries have befell him in the past few years...most notably a wrist injury that occurred while "waggling" a bat in the on-deck circle; out for almost 6 weeks for that one.

I bought this little gem on the bay for 5.88 plus 1.50 shipping.
Do you think the value of this card will ever appreciate?
I mean, some prospectors have been waiting on this kid for almost 8 yrs. Many just simply "gave up" last year. I mean, look at how many releases he had after being drafted...hundreds I tell ya. and they are all selling for pittance.

your thoughts?


  1. I think he still has a chance to be a very good player. Some of the injuries are downright strange though. As long as he stays healthy, he is a very productive player.

  2. for me, it's not a question of whether it ever appreciates, it's whether I paid too much and it will ever depreciate. I collect to keep, not to invest

  3. Tough call, but I would say his cards won't increase in value at this point.

  4. right? I mean, his prospect status was so saturated in the hobby in the 03-04s that no matter how good of a season he will have right away, SP'd autos from one-off sets like this one just really look good in a player collection.
    Like Ryan said, and I FULLY agree, this kid is still relatively young and could still be a better-than-good player. These cards arent even for public consummtion.
    Trilogy is sick IMO, It suffers from the "one-off set" lack of interest tied to it's RC AUTOS but did I ever see a pack of it? never. Would I have bought one? never.
    hell, I sold a fielder auto from the same set for a small fortune last year...after buying it in 06 for that same small fortune.
    I love autos...and you guys, thanks to you all for the contributions.