Sunday, May 16, 2010

Topps Pro Debut: RDNB

RDNB: Reverse Bo Not Buy
I bought a few packs of this stuff a while back partially because I am generally fairly interested in Minor League Baseball, and new products, but most of all I had no idea what it looked like. Sweet. Serves me right for not seeing that coming.
I pulled some color parallels (hell, now that I think about it, they are embossed serial numbers, which topps seems to be distancing itself from) and some A-ball "all stars"...all in the regurgitated 2010 design that I did not particularly appreciate in the first place. Sure it's cool to get some high draft picks, and the AA and AAA logos can get pretty intense, but I was just plain offended by shyte design and pseudo-hits.
'Don't really feel like addressing what people are paying for this, but have you seen what you get with a box of bowman? Granted, seperate product, etc.
THEN, I had a change of heart.
Have I sold it short so far? hells yes. I was getting ready to issue a public DO NOT BUY on this product for fear of almost-guaranteed disappointment. That changed...

It happened when I realized that there were some clean-looking cards of guys who play here in Richmond at the Diamond. Okay, there really aren't too many Connecticut Defenders come Richmond Squirrels, but I know that assorted other coards will come in handy from time to time on the third base line. I brought a Frederick Keys card of a pitcher kickin it in the Bowie Bullpen, and just missed him.

I then went home and found a guy on eBay named none other than Jimmy Page (great sign to me). I bought the "team set" of all of the Giants affiliates cards from the Pro Debut set sos I can have 'em in pocket at the park. Purpose has been found. Hence, RDNB status.

The following card is free to who wants it. It cannot stay in my house. I think it's numbered to 50, but I know it should have been an action shot. (I couldn't quite make it smaller after I scanned it, no offense bro, I bet you mow 'em down but you made for the ugliest wax pack I've split since Ramon Martinez was an all-star)


  1. I could use any Red Sox you pulled...

  2. Adam, you are more than welcome to them. I think I have at least one pawsock, and one or two others. I have got some really cool other sox for you too.
    I'll be in touch.

  3. I'll take it! shoot me an email if you still can give it away, I love Reading!