Friday, May 14, 2010

None Better: Respect My Digital Crew

Okay, so I posted from the center of being last night. I was rewarded with a rousing group of comments that made me gave me lulz in like a week. Dayf's *twitch* and beck quote (close to my heart) capped it off nicely. I gotta say, this is one of the greatest group of peeps I have had the pleasure of associating with since I was in G&T in 3rd grade.

But seriously, the coolest part of "boosting" like this is that it goes on all over the blogs. I read lego microscale blogs once in a while, along with SneakerFreaker, artfurum and alot of seemingly disparate topics. (to me it's all art, especially cards)

These blogs and forums have the same kind of "positive pack" mentality that makes it obvious to most that the total is larger than the sum of its parts.

A really talented Lego designer passed away tragically in an auto accident, and the outpouring of support was so great that the guy's sister and brother became part of the blog, and started posting regularly to keep his fans/cohorts/friends in the loop. Amazing.
(microbricks is on my blogroll on the left)

This is where we hit our stride. I am feeling stronger today, and this being Friday, well...

EDIT: I actually hate memes...yeah so I just found out what "meme" meant like a week ago, so?

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