Sunday, May 2, 2010

The State of Local Sports Where I Live: Response to Play at The Plate

Well this morning is like most every Sunday morning is during the school year. Wake up when I want to, have coffee and a smoke, watch Baseball Tonight and CBS Sunday Morning with my wifey and check up on/contribute to weblogs. After Sunday Morning (The show not the time-period) is over, we get to work cleaning this joint for the week.

Today is a bit special. The first post I read this morning was by Brian over at Play At The Plate. It was about the state of local sports where one lives. Read Here. And while Brian lives in a vast, level sprawl of a city in Dallas, I live in the mini-metropolitan center that could, Richmond, VA.
Now, Most of you will remember the "Richmond Braves" and might have even read about my love for the R Braves and the great times that I had at their games. Heck for most of my years in richmond, I lived within walking/bike distance from the games. This was the reason that I collect Yunel Escobar. He owned the chalk leaderboard in the breezeway when he was in town. I miss the braves.
We get TBS and WGN here for some effed up reason, so we get a deluge of mediocre baseball. Nats, O's, Cubs(!?WTF), Chisox, and Braves. Now, I do get to watch more brewers games nowadays, and the O's have been heavy on MASN, but wow, you wanna watch some bad baseball? come over to my place, I can tivo like 8hrs of it for you.
My point is that I used to be able to watch guys win games in richmond (Internatn'l league champs 08) and then watch them hit the show on Ol Man Turner's network. Now, after they leave richmond, they drift back into the nebulous SanFranciso Giants farm system. I am not a fan of these guys disappearing into west coast ether, that I never hear from them again.
I am trying to like the Giants.I think I have them in an upcoming break...that's how I am "trying". I have been busy with the Blue Devils (5-8-1) and have not seen a RICHMOND SQUIRRELS game yet.

Today we turn the page.

I have some great tickets on the third base line for Today's game at the Diamond.
Reports and photos to follow...


  1. How did the game go??? Nice write up by the way. I still have that Gallardo bat card if you want it.

  2. Went to have dinner with my nephews and sister last night, out cold when I got home. At the Diamond, I recommend the super-size beer. (hey if macdonalds isn't usin it...)
    Cannot wait to post when I get home.