Thursday, May 13, 2010

In All Seriousness

You all know that life can get you down sometimes, and while I have had an amazing time with this blog through the first hundred posts, 40 followers and all of the comments and little things that make this a very satisfying endeavor.

I love everyone who is reading this because without you this would just be another journal entry on a dead tree that only got read on the rooftop in Brooklyn while visiting close friends.
...But hey now.........We can't be in love with the world every day,...
....and I fell like I have let some of my boys down.

Shout out to GCRL, Mark, PATP, Beardball, my non-contest contest winners (joke was on you, I haven't even sent the "prizes").
But that's what I'm talking about; the guilt. I am trying not to feel bad, but that is out of the question. That's just who I am.

Here's the trick: I am working it out. I can feel momentum building in a positive direction after 2weeks of completely faking it in every facet of my existence.
I'm done talkin about it.

I am getting psyched for a weekend full of family, Squirrels, Beer and free Robert Randolph concerts.

I just like to do my own head-check (similar to cup-check) out here because that is what it is for. Expression. Thank you again for continuing to endulge me.

On another note:

I effed up in Thorzul's break. I had the Brewers and Giants and I didn't pay in time. I was too caught up in ignoring the dull ache that was perception, and missed the cut-off for payments.

goes to show ya. I mean, watch him be right about a yount auto, and then my call is some marichal, mays, or molitor gem. Outstandingly doltish on my part. Still in on CCC's and I have a good feelin. (see, told you I was working it out)
Wanna know how lucky I am? Read the comments...


  1. eh, don't sweat it. I've been in a funk since about 2007 and it ain't affected me none *twitch*


  2. Hey sounds like you have a good weekend lined up! How did the JV team end up or are you guys still playing?

  3. Hang in there brosky. If it makes you feel any better, you've already posted more times this week then I have.

  4. You keep workin' it out. I'll keep reading! Best to you Peterson!