Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Ginter: I Am Seeing Red

This card is for sale (link to "auction" and also dominates the red spectrum so much so that the cowardly blue shrinks away in terror.
(it tends to pop on the blue sigs, given.)

Well no hits out of a recent 5box I gotta go get my own box to start the set and HATE OVERPAYING (until I see the box in person). I have been waiting for the release of this product since I swore off buying 09 blasters in the midst of a personal budget crunch (set coallation and completion pending).
I will have SAWX doubles of 10A&G from the break for sure so if you need them, I need any Statesmen, but also living things like Dinosaurs and Scientists.
I see I did get Machiavelli in the Randomizer in CCC's break, which I find rather fitting somehow.

oh and p.s.
Bowman Hobby in various "cheaper" places: 180+ (AYFKM?)
Are there actual spiritual redepemtion cards in there?
its not even bowman chrome, at least there you pay for more, get less and still cant collect the set w/o 3 boxes.

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