Sunday, July 18, 2010

Question: Fantasy Nightmare (yes that's an oxy-moron)

So on one of my two Fantasy baseball teams, I have some guys on the DL, actually it's Weiters, Bucholz, Gallardo, and Latos.
wtf do I do now?, gotta drop someone...
you decide


  1. Drop Wieters, it's a no brainer. He sucks his year.

  2. Well, it's tough to say for sure without seeing who else is on your team, but I'd say the first on that list to drop if it isn't a keeper league is Weiters. I wouldn't even consider dropping Buchholz because he's on the verge of coming back and should continue dominating. Weiters hasn't really been performing so he shouldn't be missed too much if you drop him.

  3. Drop Buchholz so I can pick him up...