Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Back: Hope everyone got theirs...

I had a great 4th and saw many family and friends. Now I am back in Richmond with a fever in 102 weather...normal right? just check around and see how many people you know who are getting "summer colds"...that's for my conspiracy blog (if I write one).

Communication will resume and I hope everyone's summer is treating them well. I have a few interesting posts to put up soon.
such as...
Target employees up and down the east coast are siphoning retail bowman out the back...I have conjectural proof.
Read my first beckett in about a year or so yesterday on the train. What a bunch of self-agrandizing, pandering bullshit. My faith in their magazine as a reliable source for ANY information concerning the hobby is over for good. Now I just like the pictures, and I can go anywhere else, and zoom as well...
lots of thoughts hit me on the train, like why isn't the subject of my previous post going to make the All-Star team? beacuse so many freakin teams suck this options.

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