Wednesday, July 14, 2010

welcome back 'cotter

So I am still wallowing in the dirty house of bachelorhood until the 20th so I will try to be posting what I've got. I believe a drunken scanning session whilst watching some movie I don't actually "have to watch" is comin on. [thoughts like these at 9:40 on a Wednesday my Goodness!] I hate feeling obligated to organize cards. eh.
I have not caught up on what is in my beloved A&G except for a shitload of autos and jerseys of people like, no offense, Matt Sherzer, Placido Polanco, Alex Gordon and Chris Volstad and todd helton pants for everyone. I did a 5box break for the Sawks and didn't even get the Ellsbury or Pedroia anything in my "worst case scenario" scenario. I am pretty sure they are all that is missing from my teamset. From five boxes. I am looking directly at you TOPPS.
I swear to fkkg everything that if you start to yank back the amount of "redeeming" pulls like the Tony hawk or Heyward autos in your current competition-free environment, in your newer, less thought-out and seemingly cheaper than ever! we go...

Put the grooves back in chrome you cheap lazy bastards!! Stamp Your Numbers In gold!! If you want to put Stadium Seat relics in a card MAKE IT A STADIUM CARD>insert. stop making half of your products oldtymey and the other half CRAP! which splits both ways because half of each is crap.

...I will be done with them. guess where that takes me?....back to collecting limited edition screen prints and glass art and LPs

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