Saturday, January 15, 2011

All This HOF Talk: Common Thread of Jack Morris

I guess the nice part is that I agree with the two major sports talk radio stations as opposed to constantly feeling athlete-respect-misalignment. Now, I don't love the Deadskins, so that's just chatter, but they do have entertaining assholes on the team and running it, so I treat that more like a soap opera than anything.
When it came time for Nick Scaban and Wes MacElroy, Dan Patrick and the Danettes and the rest of the talking Headphones (heads doesn't fit, radio and all) to weigh in on the recent Hall of Fame nominees and eventual inductees, I heard one name more often than I thought I would (which obviously excludes good ol' Bert B.) and that name was Jack Morris.
I remember Jack being the 2007 Justing Verlander meets 2008 CCSabathia Just-give-me-the-damn-ball-and-let-me-do-my-job Playoff pitcher of the 80's and early 90's. I was living in CT and Jersey at the time and was sort of partial to the Yankees because that's where Dad and I went. He wasn't interested in the Mets, and it rubbed off. In my mind, since 1986, they may as well not exist except for my love of David Wright's sig.
Jack pitched some sick, stay-up-late, watch in the other room because your family is in the family room watching some crap movie- Playoff games for the Twins, Tigers and the Jays (and a lifetime BA of .000. Those were the days that I was more interested in what the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and Phish were up to than rooting for a team or watching more than the occasional Yanks game or playoff appearance.
Jack Morris is a tall (6'3",220) hard-ass. So was my dad (6'5",250).
Jack had the edge with the moustache. He had a thick-as-a-thicket push-broom like Ned Flanders. My dad only rocked his solid brown 'stache for about 6mos. in the early 70's when my sister was born.
Memories..... (don't think of the song............gotcha)
Sometimes I think about the evolution of my collection from a monetary standpoint. I mean, wheo the fk doesn't remember what happened last time (and if you don't sorry, but your 80s and 90s cards are officially colorful cardboard again, NOT currency) So I like to spend and make money in my hobby. Should I be collecting all HOF inductees for perceived security for my "investment", or buy mindlessly because the card looks "aesthetically delightful". What I will likely do is continue to hover in between those two. Loving every card that comes my way.

Love peace and sleepless nights,

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  1. Great post. Loved Morris and that nasty splitter he threw.