Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers Parade Of Playoff Heroes: Had To Be Done

My "rainbow" of 2010 topps chrome Aaron Rodgers Refractors. I do not care for Xfractors and do not collect them. I do however have no standard chrome to show off, so you'll have to cross your eyes to get the "double rainbow" effect(found out what "double rainbow" was all letdown)

RED #07/25, Gold #47/50, Blue #006/199, Purple #053/555, Wally Orange, Standard.

if you have seen any other chrome colors, you come to this guy. I barely paid for these due to some fortunate auction endings and the Blue and standard pull are what got me going. It took less than a 2weeks with shipping.
never did that before. Probably won't again. I have collected parallels of some cards, but this is sorta rediculous. Hot, but rediculous.
I am goin for broke here...who knows what will happen come 3pm. we're meeting our arch-bully out back of the school, but we're hot and ready for a streetfight.


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