Monday, January 17, 2011

If You Want To Know What Makes Me Mad: Read This Article (which has nothing to do with sports)

JPMorgan Chase Over-charges and wrongfully forcloses on US Military Personnel homes.
I swear to God, no matter who sent them or where, when our 100% Volunteer military finally gets to spend time stateside after 3 tours and a Stop-Loss order good for another 3-5 yrs,
A good business should make sure that, at the very least YOU DON'T TAKE AWAY THEIR F88KING HOUSE.

Our free-market economy should not allow people to do a shitty job just because they can and no one stops them. I'm looking at you Bear Stearns, and the Fannies...this is some bullshit.

America, Please choose wisely with whom you do business...some people are just really not very good at their jobs.

I am a dude for the time,
and I support this message.

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