Monday, January 17, 2011

We, And I Got A Dog: God "A" to G.I. DNA: "ew..."

Her name is Lemon and she is an American Pit/undetermined terrier mix known as a "pocket Pit". She was rescued by Richmond Animal Control but her puppies were nowhere to be found. She was tied up on a concrete porch and they fixed her up enough for the Richmond SPCA (one of my favorite organizations ever) That is where I adopted her. She is a slim 36lbs, about 2yrs, and a definite sign of "Street Cred" to some in my 'hood but is as timid and sweet a beast as I have ever lived with.

EDIT [after reading comments]:
Tons of comments right away, so cool. The connection that rescues create with other humans-helping-animals is overwhelming. Wifey and I spent the first Sunday after getting her watching Pitbulls and Parolees for 6 hours straight. I have worked with both and am just all about what they do at Villalobos.
I am so proud to be a part of the Dog world. I have two SPCA cats who are my "housekeepers" if you will. Lemon is like a child, just a very...very well behaved child.


  1. She's beautiful. Thanks for adopting from the SPCA, and saving a life.

  2. Why Lemon? Don't get me wrong, that is a cool name. My first dog's name was Seven. Two of my current girls are P-Town pups, from the Portsmouth Humane Society. Pure breds are cool, but Rescued Souls are best!

  3. Very cool, gotta love the rescues.

  4. Rescued a 107lb boxer/pitbull from the local shelter after she was there a couple months (wouldn't have made the next). She was rejected most often for being "too mean looking" but was basically their mascot and is the friendliest dog in town (unless you're a cat or small rodent). She's now a healthy and active 70 pounds.