Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She's Up: And The Swing...

5 views no watchers as of 12hrs of "airtime"...can't wait to see if someone takes the bait. I should put it up in the Unbeliev-a-pull thread...do you guys read the Freedom Cardboard forums? I check them to see scans of high-end box breaks. They say some of the funniest shit over there.
Interesting point of note: very into player-parallel setbuilding and "rainbows".
I'll save the effect these "rainbows" had on me when 2010 Chrome football came out when I unleash my CAVALCADE OF PLAYOFF PACKERS PARADE (coming soon)
Speaking of which:
Do you all have a forum you post in? (I do not...) Do you have one you check out for box breaks or scans of nice cards (I find these especially entertaining when you don't have the cash to break a box yourself....which is in principle, always, but I find a way).


  1. I just signed up for FCB today, but have been hitting the Blowout forums for the past couple of years. The dudes on there are total dickheads though, and most of the threads aren't even card related for the most part. They'd rather rag on each other for poor grammar and for asking questions that are perceived as stupid. It's still pretty entertaining to read, for the most part, but I'm looking for something a bit more mature, and on topic.

  2. man, I read so little of the comments because it is so much " you call that a "hit"? and all that. Our ( i use the term loosely) blog community is waaaaay past all this. Honestly I find myself wanting to get in the tussle and give these arrogant kids the what-for...but that would make me no better than them.
    That is why I have my own blog. with 52 followers...not to toot my own horn, but I haven't felt like dominating a forum since I was collecting sneakers or going to 100+ phish shows.