Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whoops: Retail Blunder Hit (SP of an SP)

Got a Cheepo blaster of Topps Magic at Target a while back and opened it the other day. The cards are a little simple, as was the style of the time they are alluding to, and they look awesome with the very high contrast and high definition of the images. I have to admith though that all of this color enhancing that has been happening on the 2010 cards across the board is weirding me out a little. Kind of like how Playboy went from fuzzy lenses in the 60s and 70s to the air brush to the eventual and almighty digital "fix".

.... this little guy whacked me in the face from the last of the 8 packs. Montario Hardesty Chrome Refractor Auto #8/10

I went on a popular auction site to see if any were up for auction for me to watch...nothing.

Search: Hardesty-auto=ZIP.

Then I found a seller that had it for 179.99 B.I.N(OBO). Then the investigation began.

It turns out according to that Hardesty is in the first pool of ultra-SPd autos in the set. He has only 15 reported regular, non-refractor chrome AUTOs in the set.

then there are the 10 Refractor autos.

So I guess I would rather have the refractor with its killer little serial number. (I f%&$ing hate the printed on numbers...really, really bad.)

I am torn about this card though, Hardesty, I heard, got injured and will play next season.
...and might be good, making this a premium rookie auto to have come november/december OR I put it up on previously-mentioned auction site for 179.99 and see if anyone bites...hell McCluster sold for more than that just the other day...

we'll see

opinions, as always, are welcome in the comments.

enjoy the games


fk yoo fau cun!!!!


  1. Wow! Nice card from a retail pack. throw it up on the bay for a BIN of 2 bills or something. Maybe there is a set builder or Browns fan that will drop the loot on it. If not, wait till dude hits the field next year, then relist it.

  2. SMG, that's the rub. So I guess I'll list it for the 2bills and see what happens, I mean only 25 autos for the whole set? who does topps think this guy is? there something I don't know about his prospects for next year?