Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Injured Reserve Packers: "Not Pictured" in the Yearbook...

This is just wrong.

I don't care about rules, flights, lodging or food. What reasoning could possibly make this acceptable to team-mates and coaches? These guys didn't suffer for your success, they lost their season physically trying to achieve just that. Barnett's quote about the picture of [Ray] Nitschke being his motivation reminds me of the picture my dad kept in his office of Vince Lombardi and how he told me that leadership, fellowship and competition are about mutual respect and a love for the game. I know Nick Barnett loves his game. I love his game.
Get these 16 guys in the pic one way or another...more tweets Nick and Fin, let's make a proper fuss about this until we actually have to play a game.
You all have to know how insanely sick I am of pre-game talk and analysis. I never knew I would be more sick of it when it's my team in it...just wears me out.
post my ass on the edge of the seat on sunday and let's hit it.

I want a photo including some of the sickest players the packers have fielded to go next to my 97 picture of an (IMO an equally talented team-God I miss Reggie White)...c'mon, guys WTF?

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