Friday, January 28, 2011

Duelling Autos:"Jeets" and "Tulo"....jeez...

Upon first glance, you would notice several differences in the representation each of these gentlemen has chosen to afford you.
Old, young.
Signed 455 cards for SPA, Signed 75 cards for SPA(numbers not exact)

Mr. Loopety loop, "go-shop-around for 2011" comes out looking like the hero here.
Tulo's sig is just that. a sig. not an autograph per se.

bap-bap-bapbapbap-bapbapbapbap-TU-LO! (I dig that.)

I stumbled upon quite a few Tulo autos breaking in 2007 and have been hoarding them in hopes of an injury-free true breakout season. (fingers crossed)
I, We, the royal We, are tired of "Jeets" and his slow arm and bat.
I, We, the royal We, want more Tulo with his across-the-chest fastball and (albeit more consistent) swing.

well, that's what I want. "Sign of the Times" I guess...TULO!

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