Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Bowman:When Worlds Collide

Bought a few Jumbos of 2010 Bowman, I had some luck. no golden ticket here, and I did NOT pay 20bucks for these jumbos, that would be stupid no matter who is in the set. I have seen the jumbo boxes going for well over 200 on eBay alone. I don't even want to check any of the retailers. The Shop I got them from was only opening one hobby and one jumbo box for pack sales. All of the other boxes were now sealed $100 and $220 lottery tickets for people with more money than brains.

I am pumped that the lame blue parallel that I got was of a Brewer, and that I got all the big guys, except for Harper (but Cardboard Problem has more on that). I got a great looking Blue refractor, Dustin Ackley chrome, and a peculiarly poular ($20+) Jose Iglesias auto.
The auto pull is tight. It's nice to be happy with a pull from any of several teams, a nice thing about moving every 3.4 years.

I will not have to buy any more of this product, and will hope to trade for the base I want. Then I got the "sorta flashback to fleerUltra" inserts of two of the biggest stories in baseball including the kid who will be pitching for the geographically closest baseball team to my heart. (to say nothing of my growing enthusiasm for the team) Oh, and a cubs guy. do not want.

that title is extremely dramatic. Save for the design, which I love because I am a simpleton when it comes to cards, 2010 Bowman has caused just such drama. It is all alot of us have to write about. I am still wishing someone else would help me out with HertChrome, but now this set of "epic" proportions is upon us. It is nice to see people and writers lose feathers over this one, and the stir has gone nationwide and mainstream and all that.

CardWeblogger Fact # 342: Non-refractor chrome cards scan like crap. Refractor chrome cards look gorgeous.

Best improvement: silver signature overlay (so sick, but I bet I'll get sick of it) worst "improvement": continuing the "base rookie auto"...that is some bullshit. I just want a real Heyward RC in chrome dammit. (and still making those "gold" cards in every pack...that is just plain stupid)

Still beats the shit out of everything 2010 Topps has to offer save for TMCG.
If you have 2010 topps needs, I am your man, I am keeping about zero of those cards. (not ONE made it into my top 100 best-looking cards. The auto above is automatically in my top 60 or so favorite autos and that Cody wheeler easily cracked the top 40 best-looking chrome cards.

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