Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Last Little Piece: Home Stretch

So close. I am teaching my 6th-to-last class of the year, and then I will to my totalling, spreadsheeting, excelling, and filing. Having a job makes me very happy as I try to stay intimate with the "other side" or Bizarro me, who has no job, and has had his house forclosed on. He is miserable which, by the law of translation, makes me pretty content.
After that, I have a hell of a lot of cards to organize and send out before the end of the month. Most are unsolicited, so I hope you all are ready.
After about 3months of total ambiguity, I have been retained at my current school, and I am still convinced that if I stay here, it would be much like Prince staying in Milwaukee...good, great even...but maybe not meant to be in the long run of a young career such as ours.
C'mon Crew!? let's get it together! The freaking REDS are beating the shit out of you!

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