Monday, June 14, 2010

You Get First Dibs: Destined For Auction (For Sale Only)

these are up and out, so forget it. (aka disregard/post expired)

Gentlemen and Ladies,
I am putting the following items up for auction in the near future through my eBay account. I am writing the post for two reasons.
If you see a card that you absolutely must have, then let me know and I promise we will work out something fair. (likely better than ebay with the fees and shipping right?!)
The second reason is that I will keep you all updated on the closing price of each of these auctions. I do plan on doing most of them in a traditional auction, so we could learn something. I know I will.
anyway, window shop...or enjoy for the fk of it.

Lot of 10 Team USA Chrome
Lot of 18 Topps 100 inserts

Home Friday/Away double Patch #34/63

GEM MINT RC AUTO (gonna miss this one)

96/99 with Jay Eye

#/25 Red Refractor


Gonna miss this one too...

2007 Ultimate Team Materials Auto GU Gold #05/10

I also have a few PSA graded items going up. If that is your thing, we can talk.
IMPORTANT: paypal makes this all smoother, so if you are prepared to send money, ask away.
PLEASE make sure you EMAIL ME with any interest so that I we can talk digits.
all my best,


  1. I am interested in the Topps 100s and the Hak-Ju Lee, but I would let a Cubbies fan take precedence.

  2. I'm interested in the Roy Halladay patch. what's it gonna run me?
    my email is: nrmt blog (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Dude why you selling all those great cards??

  4. Great question, Wicked. I have some plans for this summer that need a little more grease in the wheels. Plus as of next year (my 5th year teaching in the county) first-year teachers will get paid the exact same as I am. bullshit.
    caveat:I am elated to just have a job.

  5. Its so unfair that dudes like you that teach our young about all things good get paid shit while all these crooked ass major CEO of the world get paid for lieing and cheating and stealing millions from the middle class.... Two fucking words.....FUCKING BULLSHIT!

    Keep your head up homie!! Every dog has its day...Woof

  6. Wicked, you always got my back. I just feel like it is time to pare my collections down to one really kickass specimen of all categories. No more Hebrew Hammer rainbows, no more occasional triple threads pickup...and no more wax. cost of living is out of control, even here in the heart of the city, and with taxes, student loans (of sorts) all gets real awful quick sometimes.