Monday, June 7, 2010

It Really Took Us This Long?: Supe's On No Longer.

"No soup for you"...there we go, that is how outdated this guy's skills were when they reached the Brewers staff way too many questionable starts ago.

NLCS MVP? not here in Milwaukee...It is regrettable that you had to be a part of the destruction that was (and is still) the hangover from CC's millions and the utter collapse of the Brewers pitching staff since that glorious week in 08, but you suck ass. I never wanted you on my team. I thought you were a waste of money from the start and your contract from 07 is one of the symptoms of a diseased pitching strategy being executed by what can only be referred to as a group pf chimpanzees in a room with some VCRs and blank contracts.
Eric Arnett, I need you to straighten out that Sig, and get to to floodplain to join the Crew for a playoff run next year.
You are being made fools of by the REDS...what does that say to you?

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  1. At least the Jeff Suppan nightmare is over for Milwaukee fans. Oliver Perez is still hanging out in limbo, waiting to return to haunt Mets fans until the end of the 2011 season.