Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing How Great Light Is For Photos On The Ballfield...:Don't Photoshop Cards...

I was fairly taken aback by the look of these cards I pulled from series 2. Aside from the fact that they are all pitchers, it also appears that there were reflecting screens set just ahead of the mound, or a bit to the right, in order to "light up" the faces under the "low riding" caps of the age.
I find the effect to be grainy, awkward, and disney-esque. I do not really like anything disney. One of my new favorite blogs Community Gum did a review that reflects the same sentiments. ( link here ) It's creepy, artificial and, well, I (what's the closest to "hate" without actual hate?) 2010 Topps.
I am sending out my entire stash out in the next few days. I am keeping an auto I pulled of Dan Bard (down with him) and a few GU and 2020 and Turkeys (the sky is just so pretty this year) for my PC, but overall, the only two redeeming qualities of the base set are Card #1 and Nick Markakis' "SAFE!" shot.
everything else=do not want.


  1. Thanks for the plug! Have you ditched all your base yet? We're a few short of another set...


  2. I think the fact that your banner is in the fashion of 73t is a major factor.