Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If The Sticker Fits...:What If It Doesn't?

I hate to criticise, or do I?

Card auction found here

This is a pretty unique version of the Exquisite Rookie Signatures line (that we all knew was a mildly veiled ploy to have us expect the greatness of exquisite, and with a killer crop of rookies! Right? This shyte was just as expensive as the real when it came out, and there are wayyy too many problems with the set that are starting to show their faces as I carefully choose which card I would like to own.

This set brought us some amazing collectibles that are pieces unto themselves, but when it comes to stickers and thier "wonderful" curves...shit goes wrong...
Could you honestly say that the card above would not be 1000% times more intrinsically/aesthetically valuable if the sticker were not involved?

Granted, I have a long-standing problem with sticker autos, and I am not alone. This one didn't even have a chance...look at where it is placed. It interferes with so many components of the card's oeverall design, it cannot be...but it is. It was the only place the doltish final artists gave it to go. This card was meant for an autograph, act like it.

I would potentially spend a good amount of (really fkking) hard-earned money to add this part of one of the decade's most exciting participants, had his simple auto been allowed to be graced on the card DESIGNED for it. Maybe Upper Deck was getting lazy and complacent in their later years, but this is a common sense/simple design issue.
I miss Upper Deck so much.

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  1. That card would look so much better if it didn't have a sticker.

    It would also help if Lincecum's autograph didn't look like a couple of stray pen marks.