Friday, June 4, 2010

OBAK parallels: Uh, Is That It?

Is this the Base...or Parallel #'d to 50?
I was trolling the regular locales, COMC, eBay, sportlots etc. looking at 09 OBAK cards to take to the ballgame (love them Squirrels) for autos. I was aware of the "night" parallel. I was also aware that some cards were "Short-Printed" and serial-numbered. I have seen the asking price and selling price of these #/50 parallels range from 50% to 500% more than its non-serial numbered counterpart.

Here's the problem (well, depending on your position)

I can find no discernable difference WHATSOEVER between the two cards except of course from the circa-1986 Apple IIe-style #/50 printed on the bottom reverse of the card.

Literally nothing else...Now I know this is Tristar, and there were no MLB liscenses involved, but why, WHY would you create a parallel that would give the reciever NOTHING more than about 1/8 of a microgram of thin black ink.

No foil, no gold, no color change, image variety...nothin.

tell me why the fk would I pay anything extra for this card? It's like SN'ering a card to 38,000...who gives a shit?

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