Tuesday, June 8, 2010

eBay: The Dollar Store?

I have read so many posts, starting from when I started reading Cardblogs, in which I thought the writer was lying about the price they won an eBay item for. I have been working eBay for glass art, Sneakers, and most of all, cards. I have seen people winning cards for $.99. Now, I have won my fair share of auctions for good prices, but it all seemed too good to be true.
After reading a post by Beardy about a card he did not expect to win, I thought I would bust out the one I had to talk about.
I put in the minimum bid on this Pena auto, 1.01. I have wanted this card for so long. L0s' auto is one of my favorites and I don't love the look of the Topps base auto.
I check back in the other day, and it was mine for 99 cents. (FREE shipping)
Finally, I believe you all. I apologize for thinking you were all a bunch of filthy liars.

Sick. I am going to renew my dedication to checking auctions that end at 4am or have misspelled names.

where it's at.....got two burned fables and a bike with chrome.

EDIT:upon further review, this card had FREE shipping as is edited above.

I have one more auto coming in the mail that was .99 with free shipping, but it has none of the starpower this one has, if I can even say that.


  1. that was a good drum break.

  2. Nice win! I won a nice card of a way not as awesome player today for $.25 (plus $0.50 shipping). Not even close to as awesome as this....but awesome in its own way.

  3. Wow! What a great deal! I never post what I win auctions for... I get great deals sometimes, but most often I bid when I am tanked at 3 am and wake up the next day to a bunch of invoices for things I don't remember bidding on or didn't really want... I do really like that Pena card. I have a couple of his autos, but I rarely see them go cheap. By the way, I have a package to send you, but can't find your address. Can you send it to me? bacontowne at yahoo please...

  4. Searching typos (fatfingers.com) is the best way to get some nice cards cheaply. A lot more people search for the typos now that there are sites and programs to do it for you, but you can still find some gems.