Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Life Is A "Worst Auto" Tournament: Current Champ, Maurice Ager

If you do not believe that the 06-07 SPX above is not one of the absolute worst representations of one's self in print, I am not sure that you are human. Yes, I know Benji Gil, Vernand Morency, Eric Arnett, Chris Johnson and the gang, but this particular specimen is crucially awful.


  1. those are really bad. why did they even make cards of him, i'm a major mavs fan and really have no use for them. i really think card companies should do like the old days and not issure rookie cards until after their first year, that way you know if they suck or not.

  2. I agree Derek, I kind of dig the idea of a "prospects" set, so you know it's like the first 50 draft picks, and your expectations are lower. Then have actual RCs of established ballers. (I think I just tacitly approved of the topps "Rookie Card" logo)