Friday, January 22, 2010

The wanting for a tiny set.

Ok, so I don't really like 2010 Topps, but this card is one of my ALL-TIME favorites. I need to send out the message, that like Ryan Braun's 2007 topps "rookie" (still looking for platinum y'all!) I want to obtain and display all possible parallel versions of this card.
these could include,( if they even make them anymore, I don't care to check right now)

First Edition
1st day issue?
(whatever "Wal-get" parallels are lurking)
Gold #/2010
Copper or Black this year #/59?
Platinum #1/1?

Now I intend to attempt to do this without opening a SINGLE pack of this product. As we all know that may change, but I will be very unlikely to pull any of them out of retail, because I can't spend the money on Hobby just for the chance of pulling some sticker auto. BS. So off we go into another VERY TINY set completion list.

May the word be heard loud and far.
It is not "the bird", but "Fielder Cards"!

thanks guys, tell who you know. I have lots to trade.
EDIT: thanks for the reminder about the BlackSparkles, Nico


  1. I am not even a Brewer fan and I think this photo is awesome. What I don't understand why copper is better than gold? Topps is a little wacko. Also in past years there has been a black border parallel #d/58 so I guess this year would be #d/59 since it's 59 years of collecting. This black border isn't the same as the black Wal-get cards, it's a sparkly black border with the regular background.

  2. The event itself when I first saw it, nearly made me wet myself. They were really having fun, and I love that. (and when Nolan Ryan beats bitches who charge tha mound)
    I totally forgot about the blacksparkle SP. That started in 08 when they went back to white border so yep. that one's in there too.
    and yeah
    Bronze in the olympics=you were 2nd to #2, how does that feel. We should dub the Coppers the "honorable mention" parallel.

  3. I hate the new Topps design but I really like this card.