Saturday, January 9, 2010

One of my favorites (apparently)

This one is mine and not for trade, no one can have it. I have had the most rediculous success in the past year with the few blasters I have bought. went 5/5 2009 A&G with 3 jerseys (Chutley, J-rol and JJhardly) one bat (ZIM) and an auto (mad dog moto-crosser whatever sold it two days later) I bought one box of MAYO because it looked infinitely better than last year and I am a total sucker for the soft white card stock. Granted Mr Collie's picture is not exactly what I would prefer for a professional football player, it being a less-than-non-action shot. Dude is stretching...c'mon. Again, the card stock, trapped mini and sublime borders save the card and keep it in my Prime Auto box, and make me want to share it with you.
As has been beaten to death, the sticker auto was a downer, but with such a clean, feel-good card and an optimistic signature of a very good(not great) rookie receiver. I honestly still don't understand how this kid got no votes for ROY.
Overall, my expectations for blasters were so low in the past, this was weird. I only had a very few dollars lately to "play" with, and Topps decided to renew my faith in "small time" buying...

EDIT: I just took another look over my picks for the contest over at waxaholic and it appears that I think that the Indianapolis Colts are going to win the superbowl. Good for them. (my picks are shyte, from the looks of the pool of applicants, I didn't drink enought that night.

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