Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At It Again...

Okay, so I have already collated my yankees, dodgers, O's, and even a few rare larry walkers and Jason Bays for trades, but I cannot get a reply to any emails...what does a guy have to do to get a trade going around here?

I haven't traded a single card since falling back into the hobby in 05, and have tons of cool stuff that needs a home better than my "tradebait" box. any advice is welcome. I am new at this, but seeing everyone else's trades go down is getting me down. I have already sent some cards to John from oldschoolbreaks in hopes of starting some goodwill (and to make up for sending everyone their base from his 8-box break) and building some kind of reputation so that people will be interested in trading with a sharing kind of guy like me.
I gotta be honest fellas, I am getting ready to start a family before too long, and I need to downsize in a big way. If this means that I send out packages to nightowl, beardy, Dayf, Sooz n' Marie, Capn Cannuck, Dubbs, and Cracknell, without any intention of recieving anything in return, that will be plenty of fun for me, and a needed level of organization. I just need addresses.
I have been reading some of you guys for a couple of years now and I want to be a part of the action. When I think about wantlists, I just go blank so just hit me upo, let's open some lines of communication.


  1. when I first started blogging, it was just "pack an envelope as full as it can get and send it to someone."... with a lot of the newer bloggers, it's a very specific trade. Something I'm not very good at as I usually don't have the time for all the emails involved.
    So I still do the stuff an envelope thing.

    You'll find something that works for you. Don't give up.

  2. CAP, I am feeling you. I shall not give up. I have had a lot of success on ebay and want to get more out of giving away cool cards (ok so I got paid a little...). send me your address and I will pack an envelope full for you. Strictly for fun. I will hit up your stated AND unconscious wantlists...hahah

  3. I'll be your huckleberry..... (2006 Bowman DPP Chrome Anibal Sanchez Gold Refractor #23/50)... i want it.... Just let me know what you would like in return :)

  4. Also.... About trading take it from me when you start blogging you have to build a rep that your a good trader... the way i did it was to just pack a really great package together and sent it on its merry way.... I'm about to hit one year having my own blog and i've be honor with winning 2009 trader of the year award. So just show so love in those packages and toss out the term "book valve" cause allot of blogger hate that word... Soon enough you'll find yourself in the mox of thing!! If there anything i can do to help please just hit me up!

  5. Wicked. Great to hear from you.
    I don't run by the book at all. haven't since sheffield had grillz. I will never mention book value on my blog unless I am lambasting a boisterous JC.
    All I really want is to dig up cards I know someone will like, and send them. I do not want anything in return, but I don't have addresses to start with.

    shoot me an email, huckleberry (god I love that line) and I will trade the anibal for a song. Hell if you email me your address, I'll send it tmrw and we can work whatever out later. I just want to share, but I have built feedback and a rep in a few different markets (ie ebay and Nikeskateboarding.org) and fully am down to put in the effort.
    looking forward to working with you all.

  6. I just found your blog courtesy of Wicked Ortega! It looks good and I look forward to reading more good stuff. I collect Texas Rangers if you want to do a trade.

  7. Nice little blog you got here - I'm following too now!

    I kind of was like Canuck at first, though a lot of that was because I had tons o' bad wax. So I'd trade lots for stuff I liked...then gradually over time as I got more into the hobby I became a better trader. Sounds like you already have a head start with some of your cards though, as they look pretty nice!

  8. honestly, most of the cards in the blog are not mine, but used for thier signature specifically. Then there are plenty of mine on here, I am just slow to scan sometimes.
    Thanks for looking guys, I will be at it again tonight after Baseball Practice (gotta coach some barrell-chested noobs)

    PLAY-I will begin the rangers search tonight.
    I have some really cool stuff for you.

  9. Turns out I have a bunch of marlins, all pretty cool. Just email me(we can talk addresses and zimmermans), I will send a package out for you with the others going out tomorrow.

  10. Zims are gonna be a bit, but I have a ryan Zim collection that I kind of gave up on. I'll send it along when my cards collate themselves, or I tire of emptying my closet for each trade.
    I am working on a new organizing system that should help ALOT.
    a mailer full of zimmmermans will find its way to you soon.
    off to the PO to send off your fish.
    do you, like me, not understand why Uggla and Hermida aren't more popular? is it the market?

  11. Sorry it took so long for me to stumble across your blog.

    If you are still looking for traders than I too will be your huckleberry.