Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Girls and I Have Similar Taste: Dinged Corners

(above: Topps Archives Certified on-card Autographs, most likely my favorite Auto set ever. The post mentioned below made me think of it. I stare at it sometimes...)
I am carefully putting together a package for the girls over at Dinged Corners, and spent some time this morning catching up on posts of theirs that I had missed.
First of all, this is a plug devoid of shame as I have always loved the way their posts are written as well as their choices for what I call here "off-topic" posts (on account of the signature focus. maybe I'll do something about that...). This Post of their "Siggies" proves that we share a similar point of view on the personlized written name. This post was the type of post that made me want to create this blog and follows my ethos regarding Sticker Autos.
Great work all at DingCor, your thank you card(s) is on the way.
Snowday tomorrow, so posts should be easy to come by. also I have a few things that will be going up on ebay and I prefer to give you guys first shot cuz we can trade instead of my taking home approx. 4/5 of the actual fair market value thanks to ra-pal, and dweebay.

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