Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packers: For the Record

For the record (of 11-5, hopefully), these are a few of my favorite Packers AUtos in my personal collection. I got the Jones RC for about .99 plus shipping (Topps really put out some "brand new" crap in 07...) The Brandon Jackson Pull-out was one of about 9 pulls I got out of a Gridiron Gear hobby box the same year. (as I will get to, many of these "hits" were created using event-worn materials: see below) I dig the pull-out as it is the only one I own and it is a packer RB (whom is currently back on thin ice, direct from the deep-freeze of my unacceptance). He better have another good game backing up Mr. Grant...If anyone has a good looking Ryan Grant Auto I will shower you with shortprints.
The last two I bought seperately on eBay (the only place I've bought singles up til now)
The Driver is from SP rookie threads, one of my favorite Football sets from that year, mostly attributed to the cardstock, and with a healthy dose of my ignoring the "event-used memorabilia" that is found in here. that stuff is bulls***. He put the jersey on, maybe...maybe for a photo, and then took it off to sign more stickers and topps cards. I think the ends do not at all justify the means at that price point. make a cheap, jersey-packed product for the masses, and use these jerseys. Don't use this kind of trickery to prop up other failing releases.
The Matt Flynn is just a great looking card that hides the sticker fairly well with the fancy filigreed victorian eye-candy. (I love Olg English/Colonial done well on a card in the right theme. This does not include 2007 Artifacts patches).

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