Saturday, January 30, 2010

Outside the Boxes: Gold, Jerry.

I am not sruprised that a Diamond King got slightly off path on its way to a binder I have yet to set up, but a Sweet Spot Classics Gaylord Perry auto? ok. no clue how that got in there. I definitely pulled it because I found some SSClassic base in a different box a while back.
Never really had a feeling about Perry either way. This Sig looks like it is from a ball where the curvature of the sphere often warps the way a hand pens a name. I personally am not so sure the man was looking at the scrap he was signing, but he signed a lot of stickers et al. for UD in the 00's, and I have another one I like much more. If you have a preference for this card, get in touch.

Why did I put these two together, why gold, of course. Kevin Mitchell made it big after he left the mets organization and hade a short spurt of fame with the Giants. enough go gold fo one tooth. Maybe it is his most important tooth? Anyway, funny I was reading a post on gold over at dinged corners just this morning...and this post was already in the chamber...

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