Sunday, January 24, 2010

At first, when I stumbled upon this card on eBay, I was stopped in my tracks. The lines, the silver holofoil, the patch, the Player...I was absolutely in love. Then I saw the "famous nicknames" mini-banner above and below the auto. Definitely one of the most under-used nicknames in the business.
Now, normally, you all would think the first thing I would look at would be the signature...but the superior design was all but blindingly logical and aesthetically pleasing that it took me as long as it took you to read the first paragraph to notice the need for an "inspected by" sticker on your "packs" of SP Game-Used, Ultimate, Topps Sterling, among others if not for any other reason than to have someone to blame when shit like this goes on. I guess the "afixer" over at UD just said "dammit!, oh well, I'll do better next time". Bullshit. you only had to fix 50 stickers to this particular exemplary high-end issue(who knows how many Brooks stickies they used that season, maybe they were over-wrked).

The only thing that bothers me more on the road than people who do not use thier turn signals, is people who slap stickers on thier cars crooked.

Can not stand, Do not want.

NO excuses:

TURN SIGNAL before you brake...
...and BREATHE OUT before you affix a sticker to a gorgeous piece of Baseball memorabilia like this.

Later: things I found while cleaning up and stacking for trades.


  1. Thats a nice lookin' card there.... To bad about the sticker.. Still tho great card!!

  2. Great patch, pathetic quality control.