Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Your Consideration: Mat Gamel's Rainbow of Style

We'll start with the ugly ones... I would like you all to take a look at all of the 2008/9 topps sticker autos, and notice the sheer variegated nature of it. I liken Mat's signatures for topps and Upper Deck to date to Darwin's finches. Each one's existence a sum of gradual adaptation and evolution over time. The only thing wrong with this theory is that these stickers were most likely procured all at the same time or in several seperate sessions, nonetheless, you find me sigs that vary like this (seriously, if anyone out there knows of a great signature, please leave a comment).
This one flows, which asks relaxed? in a hurry? or sloppy drunk? no. but there are others...........(I have to say upon further inspection, this might be his best...but there are so many to choose from. How could someone like me decide which Mat Gamel AUTO I will actually pay for.

Super tight flow, Mat. I totally see the "M" in there...

On to TTT. ok, I bought one single, and it is not Mat Gamel. It's Justin Masterson, but that's another post. Observe as Mat's signature transforms and contorts in a vain attempt at escaping the cruel holographic hell in which they are captured (a la zod).....
.....and then gives up and seems to return to a more "natural shape". At least it doesn't look like he signed it while on a treadmill like we will see below.
Below is probably my favorite overall, but the whole Parabell look is so 1261. Notice that in this example, the loop around the "M" is clear and round and equidistant from the "M" shape. The "T" to the right of center sealed a sweet deal with the Brewers.
Here, things get kind of hectic. I am not sure how this is the same guy as the one who signed those stickers. This one has my vote for being purchased. The boy's a flat-brim. I can't lose. This is the first time we see the "triple feature" in Mat's sig. the first to the left is the loop around the M, then the G and L curves follow. They are really more scratches than curves here.
Here he went with the "less is more" technique. fail. I have seen a few of these with better autos, but the picture and design are a turn off.
Hands down winner of best card, although I was never a huge fan of the whole "floating head" trend, wasn't it Pete Rose who had a floating head RC. Plus this is ON-CARD. It could have been placed better, but the full M, triple feature, and beautifully horizontal line catch my eye again and again. Which one of you doesn't want to collect things that catch their eye no matter how many times you look at it? I had to close out with at least one photo of Mat after the call-up and hair cut. Too bad it's wasted on this garbage dump of a card.
You are the best mat. get to MKE soon as possible. (and bring up your strikeout-to-walk ratio for us)

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