Monday, January 25, 2010

Memories and Memorabilia

Ok, so I wasn't feeling that hot at school, and the kids I would have in class today are off (hopefully crushing) GED testing. I decided to get some parent contacts and planning out of the way and come home with hopes of hydration and relaxation, then I remembered the perfect activity to take my mind off of any lingering discomfort and occupy my time with item organization.

So that's how we get to these three boxes(shown above).
What do you think is in them? I have no idea. Well, I have some idea, it's most likely majority is of cards that I busted boxes of in 06-07(my BBing heyday) but Three triple-row boxes full? nope. there must be something else...that's alot of cards. for those of whom I have addresses are probably going to get some.
Any guesses?
ok, so I completely underestimated the contents of the boxes. I now have "outside the box" posts for autos tho. dangit.
I lied. There was one auto, and a GU, neither are crap. scanning to post tmrw.


  1. a complete 1972 Topps football set that immediately sickens you by it's garish colour scheme so that you have to get it out of your house by sending it to me.....

  2. oi, I'm through one box and it was all 2007 ud, topps, bowman and 08topps base. wtf was i thinking? (maybe 10/3000 cards to speak of. I see some interesting stuff in the next one, I'll post what I find.

  3. A stack of Houston Astros, that your looking to trade for early 90's Donruss?

  4. I've looked through many a box and asked myself "What was I thinking?" I look forward to seeing what you found.

  5. more interesting stuff when I get home from work. scana are done. It gets weird. (Notice i am sticking to the "interesting" term.