Friday, January 1, 2010

Best unliscenced, sticker-auto I have seen to date. (is that the bat-symbol in the "E" of Americana? sorry that just caught my eye. I found a fair amount of images of the checklist of this subset while floating in the reatail world. There are two different coices for photo. "The player" or the "Hall of Famer"The photo of a young Johnny is so much nicer than some of the other double-chin, unavoidable, over-the-hill look from the night they were inducted into the hall, all stubble and rolls. I would certainly like to be remembered with a smart-looking photo of me taken during my playing days, not bloated at the podium. I didn't even have the heart to put up the "Hall of Famer" images. My Cal never looked like Dr. Evil and never will.

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