Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ones That Speak to Me:"Patches, I'm Depending on ya Son": Reflections on Reflections

Altogether, this is an amazing card construction and a shining point in the occasionally clumsy Reflections auto/GU set. The Fabric Reflections Auto-Patch set was one of the true highlights. I have wanted to try my hand at a hobby box somethin' awful, but it is on an increasingly long list. I chose this one to display from a successful auction. The autograph is a thing of my dreams, sticker or not. Anduw Jones or not. (and as you know, that is my first admission to approval of a sticker auto).
The patch is dope and reminds me of the Milwaukee Braves, to whom I pledge allegiance for my father (RIP TWP 1941-1998) who saw two WS games (among countless other games) at county stadium, on the same spot that I later tailgated on at the glorious Miller Park. (they built the new park where the old park's parking was, and vice-versa)

The Braves have a very pround history from Boston, to Milwaukee, to Atlanta. From Richmond, where I enjoyed more than 50 wonderful games (It was our mayor's fault) to Gwinnett, I will always have love for the franchise. If it had to come down to two words, they would be "Hank Aaron". Andruw put up numbers that made us all take notice, but then we couldn't really look away due to the subsequent "trainwreck syndrome" most of us East-coasters felt at his faltering.
Good luck Andruw, and Good luck Gwinnett, No hard feelings.

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