Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Topps 5 packs: FAST-Part One

Okay, so I have read everyone else's posts on their blasters and such and I wanted a piece. I have not looked at any numbers, rules, probabilitites or anything, merely one blaster and several pack breaks. I bought these to open and post here. The hysteria of the Topps flagship set only lasts but so long, and I love a good ride.
There is nothing here that I wouldn't trade for the right card.

Here are a few packs highlights that came through pretty well overall. One thing...kinda major, NO BREWERS. Pit. (SO FAR Looking for Prince Fielder base/parallel and Target exclusive Brewers Team set only)

What do we do with these things again? If I wind up with one of those cards, Topps and I will come to terms.

EDIT:[By way of Cardboard Junkie, thanks to Hand Collated for this info]

These "Cards Yer Ma Tossed" in the Target-Grey would have been cool. As a matter of fact just as cool as Topps Archives without the gold stamp. that's it, Which is really not that cool.

This need not have been done again. Insert or not, Base set or not, real back or not, this is one of many powerfully supurfluous insert sets to be had in these packs. I have omitted some altogether in favor of a "you want?" list. (details later)

Frank Robinson for the Cincinnati Redlegs, would have coveted an O's card, but the back is authentic-style, much cooler than the alternative. Wonder what that means odds-wise?

Cards I'm Glad to have:

Cards I'm sad to have:
Cannuck or Night owl can have this Russ Martin card. I love the guy alot, but no. Not this, No.
K. Correa: too busy, less patterns and lines and I would look again.
Longoria 2nd year (yes, last year's card and the most regretable bs reprint filler I have seen from 2010 Topps to date)...stamped in gold...after "my mom threw it away"....hmm...where was my mom during 1992-94 Toppsgold rush? she coulda thown out my cards and made some money.

Must be a slow year for baseball releases for me to ba talking so much sh** already.
see you for part deux.

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