Saturday, February 13, 2010

Craftsmen: Randy Johnson

The fact that this dude was one of the most intimidating pitchers to take the mound since Nolan Ryan does not escape me. What has escaped me, until now, has been the quality of Randy's signature. I have really only seen but so many of his Autos, due to his generally short print-runs. Our tall, lanky anti-hero here seemed as inaccessible as the fourth post of the cauldron, until I came across his crafted, unassuming signature. It is almost always the same, and has not changed a tremendous amount over time. I would have pegged randy for an AD, or at least, Hanley Ramirez style scrawl, but we get the mark of a gentile sportsman, a gentleman even. Congrats on the retirement Randy, Remember that time you killed that bird when you were with Seattle?...and then refused to acknowledge it to the press afterwords?, I have been scared shitless. point made.

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