Friday, February 19, 2010

Gentlemen:The Curve vs. The Straight (things I already miss about UD)

I just wanted to point out that the Pep auto is so sick It's like he knew what Pokemon were in 1988, like visionary. Anyway. What we have up top is the fail at UD to produce something unique. The font, the boxes, even the proportion have been used again and again in the last 10 yrs...So sick of it.
Press Pass, with no MLB licence, and not a huge signing base, is looking like they may be able to fill those empty spots on your Dance-card in the coming years.

Now both of these signatures are exceptional by modern standards, but what I want to look at here is the "curve" theme vs. the "straight", or "classic", theme. I am speaking of vertical cards. Obviously PressPass Fusion took a line from Ultimate's recent playbook and it doesn't play badly necessarily. The step-sister seems to have learned the older sister's dance moves pretty darn well. The batter in the lower corner seems a little forced, but all in all, by not using blinding colors (or even color photos) but the foil is in moderation and the suto is on card. big points.
I'm just sayin.
I have no money and no one shops for cards at my target but me. 2010 blasters are still there...I now officially hate how well Yo Momma's Trash Promo is working, but only because I can't play right now.


  1. I have a Pablo Ozuna on-card auto from back in the day (early '00s is back in the day, now). It's not much but I am sure you would appreciate it more than I could.

  2. email me your team, and address to get hooked up. then you can send me the auto if you feel like it. It's all love.