Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Topps "You Wan't"? List

I do not like 2010 Topps and will be buying no more of it than the few packs you have seen here. Just an FYI, These are up for grabs. No trades even necessary. email me and I will send them or put these in a hold-pile for you for a future trade.
Cardboard/Gray Back (Target Exclusive)
3, 26, 48, 123, 192, 196, 199, 207, 228
Cards Your Mom Supposedly Threw Away (whaudusayaboutmymamma?)
Chippah ‘91, Duke Snider ‘55, Longoria ‘09
Peak Performance:
Miggy Cabrera (Tigers uni), Willie Stargell
Tales Of the Game:
Spikes up, MFer! (Tyrus Cobb)
Legendary Lineage:
History of the Game (did I do this one already?)
National League Created, Ruth Sold to Yankees
Turkey Red:
Longoria, D. Lee
Gold: Minnesota Twins #609/2010

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