Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outside the Boxes: Topps Fan Favorites Re-preciation

I forgot how kickass these cards are until I found a chunk of them in those boxes. The above card was obvioulsy my favorite, it being one of my favorite cards of all time. The backs are reprints of the original cards but the cards are on thin glossy stock. I feel like I have seen (posted) similar cards somewhere before...only look what cards you cannot get out of the "new stuff":
Sick. Sorry that these got cut off, totally unprofessional of me. but they are a blast to look at just the same.
Kaat is wearing a windbreaker under his Uni, cuz you did what you had to in Minnesota with no dome.
Who doesn't want to see more pictures of Oscar Gamble from the 70s? His hair has become an institution in Topps baseball.
The Charlie Hough is so proportionate, it belongs in the Louvre, and Mazeroski looks like a tougher Ben Affleck (Think Mallrats, not Gigli).
The Marvin Miller card is one that I have decided that I must own, in any condition. Every element of the photo and stock-color theme, the microphone cluster, the polyester, it reminds me of my dad. Rest his soul.
Anyone with half a brain knows that Garvey is soooo cool. Horizontal shot, the original still has it beat, but that stance and that smile, he's the man.
Then I couldn't choose from the 71 Topps, they are both awesome. just look at them. The facsimile signature is something I will always miss. (yes that includes you Autographix or -phics or whatever).
Every Signature tells a story, and legibility does count for something. I'll stop there.

Last is the inevitable "what I didn't need to find" portion of "Outside The Boxes". (you should see some of the straight bulk I sifted through to find these)Hell, with a name like Jocketty, he's gotta be there looking good in an expensive suit. Now, since this guy presumeably has no actual on-field role, what the hell is he doing in his "action silouhette" in the Bottom Right? He's given' somebody the business is what he's doing.


  1. Top 3 Faves sets i wish i was collecting back when those came out.... One day i'll buy a box tho...

  2. If I ever see a good deal, I'll holler.