Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back in Blue (devil)

I am thrilled to report that the Blue Devils JV Baseball team is up and running (alot). Conditioning is in the past, tryouts went extremely well. We had to cut 4 kids and keep 16 and it was a fairly easy cut. Three of the four cuts came up to the coaches office to get an idea for "what went wrong". I was really proud of these kids for having the guts and conviction to come hear our explanation. They have every right to know, but we don't require them to.
I was up against severe bronchitis and 5 13hr days in a row. I made it, and after a really great 4 hour practice in the sun yesterday (damned hard-to-come-by weather around here lately), I had finally gotten the full feel of what I was into. This is big. I am crazy about my players. They have shown so much heart and disipline this week, I am not sure whether to be one of two extremes; Proud or Intimidated.
Now we have yet to don a uniform, or play a game, but I will keep you all updated. In fact, the Blog will roll a little slower until I get some trade packs to post. Between teaching full-time and coaching full -time, I will be pressed for time.
Also, if any of you have any advice for a first-time Highschool JV Assisstant Head Coach, please share.
Go Blue Devils!

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  1. I was a worthless hitter, but a solid pitcher. If you ever need ideas for pitching drills, conditioning, etc. I'd be glad to help.

    This summer I will be making my debut as a pitching/defensive coach this summer for senior leagues (13-15 year olds) and I couldn't be more excited.

    Bets of luck to you!

    Also - The Middle/High School teams I played for were also the Blue Devils (of Camden, NY, however.)