Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cards From Other Cards, and some boxbreak fodder

From Chris Cubsareawesome (to which we have agreed to disagree) I got a couple of gems including a Pujols/Fielder Combo I am not sure existed. It wasn't in my binder so SCORE. I have always really liked the 06 ultraluckies. I have Fielder and Griffey Jr. and now Jinkies. A good baseball player. Sometimes, a really good baseball player (a la Brady Clark, Bill Hall, JJ Hardy, Rickie Weeks, sexon, spivey and anyone else on the o5 roster not named craig Counsell or ben sheets). Then we have a couple of relics including an example of my all-time favorite relic sets, from A&G. Jury's out as to whether I like the light or dark bordered framed-cards best. And batting cleanup, a tight little swatch from a set I didn't know existed. Sharp Cards, thank you.
Over the vast majority of the 8-box break over at oldschoolbreaks, The Brewers (and giants who I got randomed cuz Beardy and I wanted the O's. Beardy and I always want the O's.) as anemic at best yeilding a few really nice inserts and parallels and even base cards like the Junior Spivey(amazing athlete, not sure what went wrong there)Bill Hall, and Geoff Jenkins in a wood frame (showcase did a nice job on the faux wood framing.) The Topps gold label we got is something I would buy a box of. I love it. The McCovey was just a bonus insert that I happen to love.
Now, on to the AUTO I was freakin prayin' for.
I have had a love/dislike relationship with Ben Sheets after living in Milwaukee in 2004, meeting him and learing a little more than i wanted to know. The guy's just not entirely my kind of ball player. I feel awful about his back issues. It was really hard to watch those weeks where he was lights-out on 4days, but he would be in agony that his injury would keep him from mowin' 'em down. He wanted to win for the brewers. I respected that. That all being said can you think of a brewer you have pulled more in the mid-2000's than Ben Sheets? maybe Rickie Weeks?sexon, whatever...this is sick. and I mean punch your cat sick.
It hits my combined score Title for best auto pulled from a box break.
It's not only legible, it's full and spaced about as well as i could hope for.
(I have seen some crap sheets autos, he musta signed a million)
It's titled in the STAR TREK FONT. yes, smooth, broze-y gilding. huge points for me, no one else....hehehheh

Thank you John, Keep up the Good Work. Thanks Chris, Keep in touch.

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