Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ones that Speak to Me: Jordan Schafer

With the advent of 2010 MLB action, there will be a few people watching out for this year's version of Jordan Schafer. Some lanky kid to come in hot and make you think twice about prospect lists enough to earn an A&G SP status. This kid was named 2009 starting centerfielder without ever playing a game past AA. He kills his first at-bat against a hot Brett Myers for HR and people want to know what's good. unfortunately, for those who did some research, he had recently served a 50-day suspension without ever testing positive OR being caught purchasing or possessing HGH. So that was a wash, I guess? either way, he couldn't sustain any power or plate discipline in 09 and was optioned to AAA Former Richmond Braves (we was robbed), and I would have been all over that park-aquired auto. (I have the last foul ball hit by the Braves at the Diamond, and still can't figure out who I want to sign it.)
I am freaking crazy about this kid's sig, and believe that I have reason to be. To my knowledge, he is the first baseball player to sign his name with 3 1/2 letters punctuated by two horizontal lines. Jordan's auto is incredibly consistent, and I am still looking for the right card for me. I do not like the design of either of the two 2009 flagships, and with both of those auto editions being on-card, i am having dif. (difficulties) My want for this autograph on a well-concieved design is literally unparallelled.

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