Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ones That Speak to Me: 2005 UD Trilogy Rickie Weeks

So I got this off dweebay some time back and I wanted to share because it will be going into the Primary Box (the box into which my "better to look at in holders", Top 30 or so cards, Top 30 or so autos, Top 20 or so RCs and my top 20 GU are kept). Though the brewers do have their own Primary box and binders, this one is hot.

This is a freaky version even for "Weaks". (I just did that didn't I?....I feel awful. I have never been anything but supportive of this man. I want the very best for him(and JJ for what it's worth). I saw him hit his first homer...i feel awful))

He dots his "i" with an attachment, probably from general fatigue from the amount of stickers he signed for (the former?) Upper Deck Company. The large R as his first stroke is wider and more scroilled than some, also indicating the previous suspicion. Great new sharpie tho.
15/15 feels nice and lucky in gold.

The layout of the Trilogy Signatures (monochromatic background, matched highlights and delineations...really lent itself in a way to Metallic parallels, being that upper deck had learned to harness the "power of foil", and sometimes, leave it at home.
It is in exceptional condition given the fluff some of the Trilogy corners have undoubtedly turned to, and the sticker is near-invisible.
I have been mad about this design since I saw it. (If you have any, share it)

By the time I was buying wax again, even nice stuff, this stuff was long gone. and if not it was through the roof.
The seller was awesome and threw in a couple other nice cards including a Weeks Gold 2007 Topps. Total paid with shipping: 6.99
I have always wanted to drop that "deal" price on a post Auto-matic style


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