Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Topps: FAST Part II

Ok, I promise to at least start off more positive about these 2010 Topps.
I actually really like this card despite the two strikes it has against it (see below) It is GOLD and I love gold. It also features three of my most respected disciplined hitters I have had the pleasure of seeing play in person. I will eat my words later, but I wish it showed all three nameplates...at least for continuity.
These cards are not crowded, awkward or third-rate action shots. They are in the vast minority. I actually think the Andruw Jones was my favorite looking base card.

Too going on. Forced to look away, I realize quickly that is not what collectible trading cards are for.
Way too damn much going on on this card. It is simpler in the scan due to the lack of silver glint that adds to the chaos captured here in a simple pose shot. Did you see the Topps All-Star Rookie logo on the left? took me a while too. If that is what it will look like from now on, that is another binder I can stop putting pages in the back of. Also, If they chrome this stuff, and do the whole "sunken line" thing, illegibility will reign.

...and of course Topps is going, backs, backs, backs! backs Gone!

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  1. I would love to trade for the Mauer, Ichiro, Jeter card if it is available. I also have a 08 UD Heroes Ryan Braun Relic that you might be interested in. I'll email you.