Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inscriptions: Felix A. "The Cat" Jones

Felix "The Cat" A. Jones II
this guy is helping keep me half-way honest for today in the waxaholic pick'em. I hope alot of other dopes picked the raging pussies. I love the fact that Felix has chosen to buck the popular "junior" moniker for the rather romanesque numeral "II". The lower "ultimate" version (I Heart the "") is on card and includes the "nickname" "the Cat". I am a huge fan of this card, about as much as I am NOT a fan of the cowbouys.
Felix's signature was consistently the best looking and most well crafted of his rookie class. Despite some seriously misguided play-calling in the recent past, Upper Deck saw their way clear to create these two fine cards of a hard working playoff starter.
gonna have to look at some other people's picks to see how bad I'm doin so far...

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