Friday, January 8, 2010

Really?!: Tristar Signa Cuts

Your bad #1
the name of your product is Signa Cuts, only one of which is a word. weak. Just because you don't have a liscence doesn't mean you can treat us like were too young to have ours. This is not a "cut" in ANY WAY(see #3)
Your bad #2
Do I really have to say anything about the fact that the only thing I know about this guy from the card (without a computer) is that he won the heisman trophy in '69...(supposedly, I am still at a lack of proof) not what he looks like, who he played for, or even that you were ever in his presence(see #3)? (answer: no, idiot)
Your bad #3
you put a goddam sticker in the middle of a field of white with some vaguely "woody" (or realtree as we call it round thsese parts) borders and make people take it out of a box for you and covet it for you?...after you have already taken some of their hard earned money? you know what? F**k you. yeah f**k you and the sticker you wrote in on.

I can't even read the signature for chrissakes.
cool visuals to follow soon.


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  1. a Cuts sticker auto? Isn't that like jumbo shrimp?